AMAE, pronounced [ah-may] is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we make ethically-sourced modern women's clothing that is inspired by the refreshingly distinct. Our brand features small-lot production and we infuse exclusive, low quantity pieces with exceptional heirloom quality. Delightfully unexpected, AMAE encourages play with no compromise to style. 

OUR MISSION- We have soft hearts for kids everywhere and we think their futures are worth investing in. That is why we use fair labor manufacturers and hand source every bit of fabric, personally create each pattern, and carefully oversee the stitching of all our pieces. Because more than anything, we’re big on families. With our three partners, we’ve grown from the inside out and we love our talented contributors, interns, and contractors. Thank you for showing us your support and welcome to the AMAE fam jam – we’re happy to have you! AMAE is proudly made in the U.S.A. Always + Forever. 
ABOUT STACIE Stacie Lucas is the founder, co-owner and designer of AMAE. She has studied art formally and taught full time at an art school. With the birth of her daughter, Addison Mae, Stacie began to live out art by founding her own creative company in 2012 with a strong penchant for fashion and design. Now a mama to two with the addition of her son Drew, Stacie runs AMAE with her husband, Kristian. Follow their family affair on instagram